So, you're interested in the game of Texas Holdem? Well, you're not the only one; Texas Holdem is today’s most popular casino poker room game and is fast becoming a national passtime in Canada...This league is all about having fun rather than earning money. Please read these rules to ensure all participants have a great time!View current rankings of talented Sudbury poker players!Photo Gallery of featured poker games in the Greater Sudbury Area...Purchase Sudbury Poker Supplies - Please call (705) 662-2121 to place your order!
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In loving memory of David Barnhart

David Barhart was a member of Sudbury's Ultimate Poker League. David was a very sportsmanlike player and won several tournament and awards at Sudbury's Ultimate Poker League over the last several years. He played poker exceptionally well and had a caring heart by always thinking about helping other people. He will be remembered forever everyone and best wishes to David's friends and family.


In loving memory of Paul Renaud 

Paul Renaud was a member of Sudbury's Ultimate Poker League. Paul was a very well known player at Cranky Joe's in Hanmer. He won several tournaments and awards. Paul was a very consistent player. He will be greatly missed.


In loving memory of Bertha Jaculak

Bertha Jaculak was a member of the Sudbury's Ultimate Poker League. She was a very caring and sportsmanlike player. She won her first and only tournament at Cranky Joe's in Hanmer. Bertha will be missed and best wishes to family and friends.


In loving memory of Stu Armitage

Stu Armitage was very well known to play at Cranky Joe's in Sudbury. Stu was a very dedicated player to this league. He has made many final tables. He will be missed and best wishes to his family and friends.


In loving memory of Claudette Ricard

Claudette was a dedicated player and enjoyed every week of poker she could play. Claudette was always a happy player and loved it when she made final table. Best wishes to her family and friends, she will be missed.

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