So, you're interested in the game of Texas Holdem? Well, you're not the only one; Texas Holdem is today’s most popular casino poker room game and is fast becoming a national passtime in Canada...This league is all about having fun rather than earning money. Please read these rules to ensure all participants have a great time!View current rankings of talented Sudbury poker players!Photo Gallery of featured poker games in the Greater Sudbury Area...Purchase Sudbury Poker Supplies - Please call (705) 662-2121 to place your order!
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1-Count on your friends to chip in. Bring a new member to the league an receive 2000 chip bonus that night.

2-Mystery Bounty= additional 10 bonus points given to the person who knocks out the mystery bounty 1 and 5 bonus points given to the person who knocks out the mystery bounty 2.

**Mystery bounty selected each night by taking one card that represent each table. A< K Q J 10 9 8 etc... and getting the last week winner to pick out 2 cards. 1 st card picked is Bounty 1 for extra 10 points and second card will be bounty 2 for 5 extra points. The seat at those tables will be selected using the numbered red chips. Who ever happens to pick the number which corresponds to the week being played that night  will have that bounty chip in replacement of their regular yellow chip making their knock out more valuable to the other players. The bounty chip will be engraved +10 and +5 on both sides. You don't want to have the bounty on your head but would love to get the bounty out.

3-Heads-up tournaments every Monday at Cousin Vinny's. You can play heads up only if eliminated from main tournament or arrived late to play in the main. The tournament is played using the Heads Up Challenge machine. There is a cost to using that expensive machine. It will cost you $3.00 per tournament but the restaurant will donate most of the cost  in gift certificates that can be used to pay your bar/restaurant tab. For every 4 player tournament Cousin Vinny's will donate a $10.00 gift certificate. 6 players= $15.00 and 8 = $20.00. It's a fun way to pay off your tab and tweak your game at the same time. we usually have time to run 3 tournaments per night.

4- There are many ways to get in to where all the big prizes will be:
**-purchase food/drinks to get ballots
**-make the Top 40
**-Win one night

******- TOC will now consist of up to 45 players******
-Top 40  Season
-5 Ballot draws

5- Also offer an option to substitute their prize for those winning the Montreal Seat. Some people can't afford to go or can't go so an option should be allowed.Examples= Casino Rama package (2 seats on a local bus that leaves on Tuesday or Wednesday for only $10 which includes their lunch buffet at the casino) plus $250.00 Casino Rama chips provided by the league this package equals $270.00 . Mall or restaurant or gas certificates or even online poker money equaling the same value. Let the winner decide.


Tournament of Champions


At tournament of champions the players will be playing for seats in the Regionals and to win a seat to the Montreal Open.


Click here to check out the link to the Montreal open.


The Montreal Open poker tournament is fundraising to support the Miriam Foundation for sick children.

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