So, you're interested in the game of Texas Holdem? Well, you're not the only one; Texas Holdem is today’s most popular casino poker room game and is fast becoming a national passtime in Canada...This league is all about having fun rather than earning money. Please read these rules to ensure all participants have a great time!View current rankings of talented Sudbury poker players!Photo Gallery of featured poker games in the Greater Sudbury Area...Purchase Sudbury Poker Supplies - Please call (705) 662-2121 to place your order!
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General Rules

Rules During Play


Blind Schedule & Chips

Point System


The following rules below are enforceable by the Tournament Directors of Sudbury’s Ultimate Poker League. REMEMBER! This league is all about having fun rather than earning money. Please respect these rules to ensure all participants have a great time!


General Rules


Age requirements

No one under the age of 19 will be allowed to compete in this Poker League.


No Gambling

Any type of gambling is prohibited as it is illegal to gamble without the proper license. Any player caught wagering cash; property or anything of value will automatically be eliminated from the league and will not be permitted to return.


Cheating is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in this League.  This includes but is not limited to using another player’s chips or collusion with another player.  If you have suspicions that a player is cheating, it is important to advise the Tournament Director in order for that player to be eliminated from the League if the accusations are correct.


Use of coercion/ threatening

Coercion, threatening, insulting or trash talking another player will not be tolerated.  Any player or spectator with such a behavior will be asked to leave the tournament. 



Rules during Play


  • Verbally announce your betting action – no string bets! For example, you cannot say “I call and raise 1000”.
  • All chips must be visible for players to see and must not be hidden.
  • Immediately inform the tournament director when a player is eliminated.
  • Please do not ask to view a hand that has been called.
  • If the dealer fails to complete a legal deal, it is considered a misdeal.  At this point, all the cards are gathered, reshuffled, and dealt again.
  • All players must bet, check, or raise in turn.
  • Players may not disclose or turn over their hole cards during a live hand, even if folded.



No Splashing the Pot

Any player who wishes to play a hand must place their chips in front of them until all players have called, folded raised or checked.  Only then will all the chips played be moved to the center of the table.



All-In Moments

If two (2) or more players are All In and no additional betting can occur, these players must show their hand either before or after the flop, turn and river is revealed.



Uneven Split Pots

Sometimes it happens that an extra chip is left over when a split pot occurs. This chip will be donated to the next pot and left in the center of the table.


Heads Up Play

When only two players remain in the tournament, the Dealer is always the Small Blind even though the other player is first to act.


Leaving the Table

When a player who is still in the tournament leaves the table to use the washroom, have a cigarette, get a drink, etc., they are still dealt in the hand.  Their cards will be folded if they have not returned when it is their turn to act.  If a player who has left the table is in a blind position, another player will post his blind and fold his hand until he or she has returned.  If it is the missing player’s turn to deal, then the player on the left will deal again to maintain the order of the blinds.


Leaving Early

If a player has to leave the tournament early, their chips are automatically removed from the table and they will be considered out.


Insufficient Chips to Enter Blinds

When a player cannot cover a blind, they are automatically considered All In and can only win the amount of chips in their stack from each player who calls.  However, other players involved in the hand who have many chips can continue betting and raising as they wish.


If Players are eliminated at the Same Time

The player which had the most chips at the beginning of the hand receives the higher finishing position.  If both players started the hand with the same amount of chips, one hand will be played face up to determine who will be given the higher finishing position.    





Each player will receive a turn to deal during the tournament.  After the dealer is finished shuffling the cards, the player on the right side of them will cut the deck before cards are dealt. The dealer of each hand will be responsible for verifying all bets, raking bets into the pot, and awarding the pot to the winning player(s).



Blind Schedule and chips

Poker Chip Colors and Standard Values

  • White, 50          (8) = 400
  • Green, 100        (6) = 600
  • Blue, 500           (4) = 2000
  • Black, 1000       (2) = 2000
  • Red, 5000
  • Knockout Chip (1)


Blinds Rise every 20 minutes

Small Blind


Big Blind





With a 5,000 chip stack







Color up all (50) chips 

10 minute break










Color up all (100) chips 





















Point System

  • 1 point is awarded for every player that is eliminated from the tournament.
  • 2 points is awarded for knocking another opponent out of the tournament.
  • Bonus points are distributed among the final table (8 players).


    • Points accumulate for the entire 12-week season.
    • The first place winner at each weekly tournament as well as the next 38 players with the highest points will be guaranteed a seat in the tournament of champions (Top 50).









15 pts.





13 pts.





11 pts.





9 pts.





7 pts.





5 pts.





3 pts.

























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